O.maha P.ercussion E.nsemble


What really is Percussion? Let me tell you!  The world of percussion is a unique and vast contemporary art form that began in 1931.  A composer by the name of Edgard Varese composed a work for ONLY percussion instruments.  Unheard of at the time!  Since then the percussion ensemble has grown to become perhaps the most versatile ensemble to date.  Percussion repertoire covers ALL genres, cultures, and time periods.  Percussion instrumentation is a full orchestra unto itself consisting of pretty much anything we can get our hands on.

The Omaha Percussion Ensemble is the premiere percussion group of the Midwest.   Formed in the Fall of 2009, the ensemble is a non-profit organization consisting of a modular group of Nebraska based percussionists dedicated to the performance and promotion of percussion as a legitimate, serious, creative, & professional art form.